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Have you ever been comfortable having a corporate meeting at your living space? Since the pandemic had happened the entire universe went into a state of pause where even the nearest shopping became the toughest thing ever. With such a crisis across the globe having your business run smoothly is never an easy task.

Not just the pandemic, but there is always a need for virtual access as people might find it easier and cost-effective to connect at the ease of where they are. With this in mind, and to help businesses in a most effective way, ZOX International has come up with its Virtual Events Management.

ZOX International is India’s leading communications and entertainment company has stretched its wings in various areas of event management among which it has good expertise in managing virtual events.

We at ZOX International do not just consider businesses or company’s wellbeing, we also support educational organizations to carry its resources to the maximum.  As an initiative, we classify event management into four categories as follows,

  • Webinars
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Domestic Hybrid Events
  • Peripheral Hybrid Events


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These webinars are sessions that normally occur between 50-80 minutes. These webinars are conducted by companies to its employees or it can be open-source information. Based on the requirement, we at ZOX help companies to present their content in a better and meaningful way. We inquire the need and the theme of the webinar and organize the entire virtual event to be helpful and easily accessible for the attendees.

Virtual Conferences:

In common, virtual conferences happen with a complex agenda and involve keynotes and sessions. These conferences include multi-session content and engagement tools for the attendees to enable and use them. Therefore, Zox team works tirelessly to organize such conferences in a very interactive way and ensures that nothing goes wrong in the middle of the conference. Before we initiate the conference, we not just gather the requirements of our client we also ensure that every need is been properly delivered and tested before the happening of the conference. By this, we render a hassle-free service to our clients.

Domestic Hybrid Events:

Domestic Hybrid Events are generally Town Halls and Kick-Off meetings. Authorities or heads of every organization decides on its new venture and let its employees know about it through these events. Zox international have always been a good contributor in such domestic events helping organizations to carry its goals in an effective way to their employees.

Peripheral Hybrid Events:

Peripheral or External Hybrid Events are eventually understood that they are carried to the people outside the organization. No matter what the audiences are, it is always a responsibility of an organization to maintain its standard which contributes towards its growth and Zox team have always stood by the organizations to support and lift them in their journey. We make sure that the entire event goes well virtually as people from different parts of the globe attend the event with a sole expectation of attending it live. So, we make the experience a grand and a helpful one. Network connectivity being the most important aspect of the meeting, we make sure that it is stable and does not drop at any cause.

Planning your virtual event sometime around? Too much worried about the virtual event during the pandemic? Or is your organization new to such virtual events? Leave your worries aside and reach us out. ZOX Team assures you the best virtual event planner ever this 2020.